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The Intendant's Palace Archaeological Site In Québec City

Over 35 years of discoveries

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The Intendant's Palace site is a complex archaeological site that has witnessed many simultaneous and successive occupations. It is considered to be a place of major importance in the history of New France, particularly because it contains the remains of Intendant Jean Talon's brewery and the Intendant's Palace.

Between 1982 and 2016, Université Laval held 25 archaeological field schools on the Intendant's Palace site and the City of Québec conducted two full-scale excavations there. This book is based on an invaluable corpus of data and a large archaeological collection that is one of the richest in North America on the history of New France. The book brings the site back to life by examining its architectural features, artefacts and plant and animal remains from archaeological and historical perspectives. In this way, it reveals the far-reaching ties that existed between the site's occupants and the natural environment, the city and the rest of the world.

Table des matières

The Intendant's Palace Archaeological Site In Québec City. Over 35 years of discoveries 1
Preface 11
The Intendant’s Palace site over time 13
A few dates 15
OVER 400 REARS AGO • A stopping place 17
1665-1686 • From Jean Talon’s industries to the first Intendant’s Palace 19
1686-1713 • The first Intendant’s Palace 27
1713-1760 • The new Intendant’s Palace 41
1713-1760 • The King’s Stores 47
1713-1775 • The second Intendant’s Palace 63
1760-1845 • A military and civil occupation 93
1845-1974 • Breweries and dwellings 125
1974 TO TODAY • An archaeological site and interpretation centre 165
Looking ahead… 178
Acknowledgments 179
Bibliography 180
Acronyms 183
List of illustrations 183
Table of contents 187

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